The Western Aerosol Information Bureau

A regional association of companies involved with the production or marketing of aerosol products. The membership consists of approximately 55 companies, some small and independently owned, others nationally and internationally recognized. Our organization charter addresses the necessity for providing objective information predicated upon scientific data to the public, our members, the media, regulatory and government bodies regarding aerosol products.

We represent California industry and we are here to be part of a solution, not part of a problem. WAIB members frequently attend and speak at meetings of the California Air Resources Board, Air Quality Management Districts, and both federal and state Environmental Protection Agencies. Our volunteer 12-member board of directors represents all segments of the aerosol products industry: fillers, marketers, component and chemical suppliers.

The WAIB, a non-profit trade association, is a leading resource for our industry and our members. We work towards a better understanding of the aerosol package and the regulations governing its use. We passionately share in the concern to educate and to act responsibly for our environment and safety….. for now and for future generations.

Our Mission

Provide education to members, consumers and regulatory bodies on the attributes of the aerosol package.

Provide opportunities for business networking

Provide a platform to foster innovative ideas for a better consumer product.

Provide frontline response to issues challenging the aerosol package.