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The Western Aerosol Information Bureau (WAIB) is a regional association of companies supporting the production, marketing and use of aerosol products.  The membership consists of approximately 54 companies ranging in size from small to large and in scope from national to international. We have a volunteer 12-member board of directors reflecting expertise in all segments of the aerosol industry: marketers, manufacturers and distributors.

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One of our primary aims is to provide information about aerosol products to the public so they can make objective decisions about aerosol products. In addition, WAIB reflects the aerosol industry’s desire to find solutions to our current environmental issues.  WAIB members frequently attend and speak at conferences organized by the California Air Resources Board, Air Quality Management Districts and federal and state Environmental Protection Agencies.

Remember, it is your membership that allows us to keep you up to date, by presenting our annual conference each year to keep our membership informed about California legislative and regulatory activity and pertinent industry developments as it pertains to your aerosol industry. As you know, the regulations begin in California and are soon accepted Nation Wide. This gives your R&D valuable time to prepare for changes that are soon to approach in regards to developing the technology needed to deal with the ever-changing regulations of the aerosol industry.

Become a member of the WAIB. Please complete the membership application form and mail back to us along with your, tax deductible, annual dues of $799. by December 31, 2019 $899. Jan. 1-Feb.28 or $999. from March 1-Oct.31, 2020. You may register online above. Keep in mind that your Annual Dues membership covers your entire company and all your employees as members of the WAIB all of whom will enjoy access to our services. We also appreciate those of you who are willing to help us keep you, and the world, informed by sponsoring our website Your logo will appear on our site for one annual fee of $200.  When you become a web sponsor we link the WAIB’s  website to your company’s own web page. Thus, informing the world that you proudly support the WAIB.